Cell Phone Boosters

With cell phone towers seemingly everywhere why do I need a cell phone booster?

Each cell phone tower has a limited reach, which could mean the front office receives a fair signal but those behind drop calls. Everyday we conduct business over our cell phones and dropped calls are not acceptable, especially with the latest cell phone boosters from Instant Communications.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, especially in mountainous regions where a car cell booster means being connected and not being connected.

HiBoost Travel 4G LTE Cell Phone Booster Kit

HiBoost’s Travel 4G LTE cell phone booster Kit is a 50 dB cell phone signal booster that provides a complete solution for all kinds of vehicles, cars, trucks, RV’s, heavy equipment, school buses, public transportation are a few examples of potential vehicles for boosting cell phone signals. Significantly improve 2G, 3G, and 4G cell phone signal strength for both voice and data – especially in poor signal areas. The HiBoost portable cell phone booster kit comes complete with 3 year warranty, strong and durable metal construction, magnetic roof mount 5 dB antenna, interior patch antenna, DC power adapter with 6ft cable.

HiBoost C27G-5S Travel 4G LTE Kit

HiBoost 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster Spec Sheet

HiBoost Home 4K Booster Kit
Key Features

4G Voice and Data
– LCD display
– 4000 sq ft coverage
– Supports multiple users
– Compatible with all devices
– Compatible with all U.S. & Canada cell phone carriers
– Includes everything for fast and easy DIY installation
– 3 Year Warranty
– FCC and IC Approved

Home 4K Cell Booster Kit

HiBoost Home 4K Cell Booster Spec Sheet

HiBoost Enterprise 4G LTE Booster F25K with LCD

HiBoost Industrial Signal Booster F25 5S LCD

Industrial F25K 5S LCD Spec Sheet