Abbreviations & Acronyms

AES – Advanced Encryption Standard

A-GPS – GPS with assistance of base-station in public radio network

AIS – Application Interface Specification

AP – Access Point

API – Application Programmers Interface

AVL – Automatic Vehicle Location

DMR – Digital Mobile Radio (open radio standard)

ECDH – Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman

ECDSA – Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

EMS – Emergency Medical Service(s)

GPIO – General Purpose Input/output

GPS – Global Positioning System

HD – Hard Drive

IP – Internet Protocol

ISSI – Inter-RF Sub-System Interface

LMR – Land Mobile Radio

LTE – Long Term Evolution (4G isn’t as much a technology as it is the path followed to achieve 4G speeds)

P25 – Project 25 (encryption standard)

PC – Personal Computer

PoC – Push to talk over Cellular

PTMP or P2MP – Point to Multipoint

PTP or P2P – Point to Point

PTT – Push to talk

PTToC – Push to talk over Cellular

QIG – Quick Installation Guide

QoS – Quality of Service

RoIP – Radio over IP

SDK – Software Development Kit

SHA – Secure Hash Algorithm

TKIP – Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

UHF – Ultra High Frequency

VHF – Very High Frequency

WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy (802.11 encryption protocol)

Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity

Wireless Networks – WLAN