About Us

Instant Communications is a communications company run by experienced communication experts. Our experience range from public safety to mines to trucking companies and most things in between. If it has to do with RF, chances are we have experienced it, solved it and made recommendations for future upgrades and prevention.

We take great pride in our selection of technology partners that will help our client’s have peace of mind that our great value doesn’t mean a reduced product.

Our two way radios from Kirisun, come with a 2 year warranty, our wireless broadband manufacturer, Ligowave, also come with a 2 year warranty and our cell booster manufacturer, Huaptec / HiBoost come with a 3 year warranty. Our SD WAN manufacturer is Peplink and they have a standard 1 year warranty but also have optional extended warranty and extended support and upgrades.

If any equipment sold by Instant Communications fails within warranty, we will replace it and do the RMA with each manufacturer on your behalf.

How can we help you? Reach out to us at, 604-710-9148 or by email at info@instantcommunications.net

Instant Communications: Press the button and communicate instantly over Wifi and or cellular networks via our portables, mobiles or secure smartphone app.

Communicate and Locate: Now dispatchers, managers can communicate while seeing and knowing where a vehicle or where a person is with one device, Instantly!
With Geo-fencing and device SOS feature, shows where an emergency is at and when that person or vehicle is out of the geo-fence, Instantly!

History: Voice real-time recording, Track Query / AVL History – Archive Location Data – Geofencing (enter, exit)

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) interoperability: Use Instant Communications to interoperate with land mobile radios, extending the coverage and capacity of LMR networks.

Dispatch: Multiple dispatch options allow for more than one dispatcher at a time.

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